Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My 2011 Challenge

Last year I distinctly remember starting the year with clear instructions from the Holy Spirit, “Pray for unity, wisdom, and favor.” Just the sound of those three words still makes me feel good.

What am I hearing from the Lord this year? “Give more.” This is not as pleasant to hear as last year’s word. At the same time, our personal goal is to get out of debt.* My prayer is, “Lord, how do I get out of debt (which requires spending less) while at the same time giving more?” TBD.

Last week I spent a good deal of time talking to the company handling my school loans. I’m thrilled to be done with school, but now it’s time to pay for my education. Not so thrilling. We’re trying to figure out where the extra money is going to come from to pay my school bills. The only answers seem to be “downsize,” “spend less,” and “Trust God!”

For a girl who likes to shop (and I’m an excellent bargain shopper thanks to my mom), I am sad to say good bye to my friends--the mall, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. You will be missed.

However, I confess that I’m excited to see how the Lord will help us navigate our way through this year. Spending less, giving more—what will that look like? I believe as we do our part, God will do His part. Miracles are going to happen. Extraordinary events are inevitable. The adventure of 2011 begins. . .

* After Matt & I set this goal, I attended our annual New Year’s Day prayer meeting with our CBN staff. Pat Robertson spends the week after Christmas at his home in the mountains praying and seeking God’s face. He delivered a prophetic word that he believed was from God and I took the following notes (as fast as I could!):

“Your country is in grave peril. In 2 years will come a time of reckoning. The president elected will have an impoverished nation.

Get out of debt. Restrict purchases.

My glory will shine . . .many will turn to me while many will curse and revile me.

Extraordinary miracles.

I will not permit mankind to destroy itself with nuclear weapons.

Great tragedy is coming . . .people will know I am God.

Seek wisdom, righteousness, and blessing.

Wise men’s solutions won’t work.”

For me, this confirmed the urgency we feel to get out of debt. Time will tell if this prophecy comes to pass, but I do believe Dr. Robertson is a man of God.

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