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May 2013  On Mother's Day, I had the privilege of speaking to our congregation about leaving a godly legacy for the next generation.

7/12 My husband asked me to speak during our Circlemaker series about prayer. I talked about what it means to pray hard. I tried to tackle questions like: What does it really mean to "pray hard"? How many times should you ask God for the same thing? At what point should we start thanking God for the answer when we don't see anything happening? That's all assuming we're even attempting to have a regular prayer life... Let's face it, as my mom says, "We all know how to pray, we just need to do it!"

2/12  Matt asked me to share at the end of his message "From Healthy to Thriving", which was part two of a Marriage series we did at 3n1 Church.  I speak about 22 minutes into the message. . .

All In from 3n1 Church on Vimeo.

1/12 To start off 2012, we wanted to remind our church what our vision is at Three in One. I kept hearing the words, "all in". From those 2 words, I put together the following message.

5/11 On Mother's Day 2011, my sister Joni Oquist and I spoke at 3n1 Church with a very special guest in the audience, my legendary mother--Bonnie Wilkerson.  What to expect:  I speak first ; next, Joni & I do a really dumb skit; then, Joni speaks; finally, my mother shares a few thoughts and prays a blessing over the moms.

2-11  We did a series at church called "Superhero."  Each week we started with some silliness.  Here's me in a video revealing my superpowers!!

2-8-11 Here is a teaching I did on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Praying in Tongues on CBN's Spiritual Gifts Webcast.  Warning:  the part w/ Matt & I talking at the beginning IS BORING (we had no idea what we were doing!)-- I speak about halfway into the broadcast, and then Matt & I took some questions from viewers:

2-13-11 Matt and I talked about "Love, Marriage, Etc." at 3n1 Church:

2010-  This was my first time to speak at 3n1 Church, and I talked about waiting--a subject I'm very familiar with:

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