Friday, January 14, 2011

Lysa Terkeurst & I Discuss Our Body Image Issues

Lysa Terkeurst's book Made to Crave is a MUST-HAVE for any woman dealing with food, weight, or body image issues. I loved the story in the book she tells about her ankles or "tankles", so I asked her to share it. Before the interview, I said, "Lysa, do you think you would be okay with me filming your ankles?"

At first she said no. But very quickly she looked down at her feet and said, "I'm wearing boots. Would I need to go ahead and take them off?"

I said, "I think it would be more of a 'reveal' if you would take them off on camera." She did--as you will see in the video! How awesome for her to finally embrace the one thing about herself that used to bother her so much.

My hope is that you will listen to God's opinion about your body and truly take it to heart as Lysa did (and as I'm learning to do about my dented nose). Psalm 139 is a good place to start!

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