Friday, October 25, 2013

Alan & Lisa Robertson--Ministry, Marriage & Duck Stuff

At 7:45 AM on Monday, Oct. 21, I sat down with Alan & Lisa Robertson. Along with being the guest segment producer for the 700 Club,  I also manage the "In the Green Room" segments for  I rarely produce these web segments myself because my mornings at work are very busy.  However, I LOVE Duck Dynasty and I love pastors & pastors' wives so this was a couple I wanted to interview myself! They are just what they appear to be on their rare appearances on the show--warm, funny, godly, down-to-earth, genuine and just good people.

Later that morning, they appeared on The 700 Club. They were on the show to talk about their family's latest project, The Duck Commander Devotional. If you are fans of the show, you'll love the book because each day the devotional is written by a different Duck Dynasty cast member.  Missy, Alan, and Phil are probably my favorite writers so far. . .

Alan preached in the Regent University chapel that afternoon, and he was one of the best speakers we've ever had--I'm sure his church misses him being in the pulpit every Sunday.

For, we cut the interview down to 4 minutes. This is the uncut version.

By the way, Lisa told me that she and Alan will be in the Christmas episode--so, make sure to watch!

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