Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nice to Meet You

My first post on my new blog . . . this is a big deal. I’m feeling the pressure to say something really deep, or incredibly funny, or maybe I’d even settle for “not bad.”

But before I can “WOW” you with my waxing-eloquent-writing-ability (or lack of!), you are probably saying, “Who are you?” So maybe I should just introduce myself.

I’m a struggling pastor’s wife and a busy working mom. I don’t have all the answers and I’ve only been a lead pastor’s wife for one year.

How would I define my 1st year as a church planter? I will answer using “ing” words:

· Making mistakes

· Doing things WAY out of my comfort zone

· Over-scheduling my calendar

· Learning God’s miraculous grace firsthand

· Finding that people can be the greatest reward and the greatest challenge in ministry

· Learning that unity is absolutely vital and the one thing you fight for every single day as a church leader

· Protecting and nurturing my marriage and family

· Trying to find humor in things you initially want to cry about

· Marveling at the faithfulness of God

· The list goes on and on. . .

What qualifies me to tell other pastor’s wives how to survive? First, let me say how unqualified I feel most of the time! On the flip side, I know that God has been preparing me my whole life to do what I am doing right now.

You see, I was the daughter of a pastor and both of my grandfathers were preachers. I always felt called to full-time ministry, but in my mind I thought I would end up on the mission field. I married my sweetheart immediately after he graduated from Bible college. My husband and I youth pastored 11 years in Southern and Northern California, and we spent the last 10 years as associate pastors in San Leandro, Ca. and Chesapeake, Va. For the past year, we have been lead pastors in a church plant in Suffolk, Va.

So that’s who I am in 300+ words. In this blog, I hope to share things with you that God has and is teaching me as a pastor’s wife.


  1. Hey Lori! I'm excited to read your blog and learn from you and your experiences! I had the pleasure of having you and Matt as youth pastors. A lot of good memories!
    Thanks,Crystal Rasmussen

  2. Love this blog Lori--can't wait to read more!